Services-Dryer Vent

servicesdryervent-P1370182-300x225Prompt Courteous Response.

Expert service at affordable rates!

35 years experience.

All calls answered and returned by owner/operator.

We inspect, clean, repair, replace and update vents.

We install secondary lint filters.

We service and install booster fans. (Booster fans are very rarely needed)

We locate leaks, separations, broken vents, and vent terminations with in walls.

Video inspections available.

Infrared camera inspections available. (Flir imaging equipment)

Reminder Service available.

Don’t wait till you have a problem! Inspect and clean your dryer vent and avoid problems.

Building Inspectors, Fire Departments, Insurance Companies, and all dryer manufacturers recommend that you clean your dryer vent every year.

A clogged vent will void all warranties.

Clogged Bird Guards cause dryers to take long to dry, wasting time, energy and money.
They cause dryer breakdowns, along with dryer and house fires.

We manufacture and sell our patented Universal Better Bird Guard. It fits over your existing vent hood or louver. It is made of durable steel that cannot be chewed through, or penetrated by birds and squirrels. It is vinyl coated and weather resistant. Unlike all other bird guards that constantly clog with lint, it’s unique design makes it the best, clog resistant bird guard available.