The Defender

Without bird guards on your dryer, bathroom or kitchen vents, you may have a bird nesting problem with serious vent restrictions! And even if your dryer vents have bird guards, they may be clogged with lint and can be seriously restricted due to poor design.

Clogged BIRD GUARDS cause dryers to take too long to dry, wasting time, energy and money.

Clogged BIRD GUARDS cause dryer breakdowns, along with dryer fires and house fires.

We manufacture and sell our patented UNIVERSAL BIRD GUARD. It fits over your existing vent hood or louver. Its durable steel construction cannot be chewed through or penetrated by birds, squirrels or other small animals.

Our BIRD GUARD is vinyl coated and weather resistant.

Unlike all other BIRD GUARDS that constantly clog with lint, its unique design makes it the best clog resistant bird guard available.

We also custom-design, sell and install safe non-clogging bird guards in various sizes and colors that compliment rather than detract from your community’s appearance. We can intelligently eliminate your dangerous vent restrictions.

We ship bird guards to all 50 states!!!