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CALL – 845-368-1786
LICENSE # 8586

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  • dryerventcleaning

    Dryer Vent Cleaning!

  • J C

    Same day service!
    I called at 10 am and my vent was cleaned by 12:30 pm. Fast and friendly, will definitely recommend to others!

  • Kc

    They came early and cleaned the vents quickly, with no hassles.

  • Wyckoff, NJ

    Nate was very polite and explained everything he was going to do up front. He took his time with the job and did it right. Except for the duct replacement he did on our dryer, the cleaning was performed from the outside. No mess. He was very accommodating and professional. We will definitely call him again next year!!

  • bob

    Nate was great—-came in and solved the problem quick. Very prefessional ! I will definitely call him again

  • Don

    Highland mills, Woodbury heights- courteous, fast, professional, and reasonably priced!

  • joro

    I called at noon and my vent was cleaned by 5 pm. Fast and friendly, will definitely recommend to others!

  • Kyle

    These guys are awesome! Responded immediately and do great work for a great price!

  • jennem

    Came highly recommended. Easy scheduling, prompt, efficient, no upsell. Very satisfied!

  • Martha, Piermont NY

    These guys did an excellent job! I especially like the fact that they used a different style vent hood and bird guard. I had a lot of problems with the old hood and the bird guard that my previous dryer duct cleaning company put on. The old bird guard was plastic, and lint would get stuck and clog it up. It was nearly impossible to clean and then it broke besides The bird guard that this company installed is clearly a much more intelligent design and it’s made of metal. Looks really nice too. The hood is also a better design as it directs the lint downwards rather than out into the air and it should keep water from getting in as well (I get a lot of wind here and wind-driven rain). Service was prompt and very efficient.

  • Laurie, Nanuet NY

    Very satisfied! I called in the late morning, and they arrived in the late afternoon. They were very nice, very thorough, and they explained everything. The vent had partially detached from my dryer, and it was a real mess. Nate went above and beyond in cleaning the area … taking the back panel off my dryer to vacuum up the tremendous amount of lint that was all over. It had been three years since last cleaning with another operator, but I will be calling Nate next Spring without hesitation.

  • Zen, Monroe,NY

    I had my dryer vent replaced by done by NATE GREENBERG This is the first time I used him and was a great experience he was accurate in his quote,prompt, and his work was clean. It’s rare to find professionals like Nate.
    Thank you,

  • Guest

    Nate scheduled an appointment to clean my dryer vent very quickly. He was prompt, efficient, professional, trustworthy, and personable. Explained to me what they were doing and why. Also installed a much better bird guard for me. His rates are quite reasonable. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I plan on using him to inspect/clean my chimney in the coming months.

  • Betty Wilchek, Chester, N.Y.

    Absolutely received 100%
    Customer Satisfaction from Nate Greenberg’s Dryer Vent Service. He takes His
    work seriously, and is extremely thorough. He patiently took His time
    explaining everything detail of what He would be doing from the inside Laundry
    area to getting on top of the roof, with His up to date equipment. He took his
    time, meticulously Cleaning My Vents and my Neighbors. When finished, He showed
    me a Shopping Bag 1/2 Full of what He cleaned out-and gave a Certificate. He’s
    so polite and Professional, and treats every Customer with Respect. These Days
    it’s not easy to find a Business that really cares about your Home needs and is
    Very Reasonable. Amazingly my Neighbors have had Dryer Vent Service where the
    Men never even got up on the roof to do the extensive cleaning? I highly
    recommend Nate, and I will continue to use his expertise Service. Thank you
    Nate-My Home is now safe!

  • Nancy Motto

    We’ve been in our home for seven years and in all that time we have never had a fully functioning dryer. It took at least two and generally more cycles to dry a load of clothes. Two years ago we decided to replace the relatively new dryer that came with the
    house with a Whirlpool dryer from Sears. We continued to have the same problems, despite having the ducts cleaned regularly and calling in technicians. Recently, I called in Appliance Medic who replaced the pilot light and advised us not to use the dryer until we had the ducts cleaned, preferably by Nate whom they recommended. They are another company I would highly recommend for any appliance repairs. Sears had replaced a pilot light and never mentioned having the ducts cleaned before we used it. Their technician also claimed he couldn’t move the dryer by himself. Then in comes Nate, who not only moved the dryer effortlessly solo, but who also immediately diagnosed the ongoing problem that several technicians didn’t. He said the duct was constricted by some
    piping that was next to it . At first, he thought it might necessitate a plumber moving the piping. But then he thought of an alternate solution which was to move the venting from the back of the dryer to the side which is what he did. He worked patiently and
    thoroughly for over an hour and with all that the charge was more than reasonable. After all these years, we finally have a
    fully functioning dryer. Thanks Nate!!

  • S from Middletown < NY

    We had issue with our dryer for over a month. The problems started when another vent service company came and cleaned our vents. We had dryer service techs come and found nothing wrong with the machine . Our clothes were taking 4 hours to dry. Nate came in and used his camera and found a broken tool left by the other company. This broken tool was blocking our vents. This could have lead to a severe fire hazard , and deadly carbon monoxide build up.My wife and I and my two little children are grateful to Nate and his team.

    • Betty Wilchek, Chester, N.Y.

      Thats what I like about Nate, He Genuinely cares about the safety of the Homeowner.

  • slim d

    we highly recommend nate. he was tireless and dedicated to fixing a decades old problem with our dryer ducts. we have never had the issue addressed with such knowledge and competence. he saved us from a potentially dangerous situation. very happy with his attitude and clean up as well.

  • lfloyd

    I am very happy with the service i received from Nate. He cleaned my dryer vent, the guard on the outside of the house and all the venting in between. There was a lot of build up from two year as we inherited a house with a lot of deferred maintenance. Nate was professional, arrived on time and was quick and thorough. I will be using him for my annual cleaning! Thank you Nate!

  • Laura Occhipinti

    What is the cost to have a dry vent cleaned? In Glen Rock?

  • Melissa

    Nate is extremely knowledgeable about the work he does but most
    importantly he has a very pleasant nature and is able to convey information in a simple and clear manner. I found him to be extremely personable, reliable and has reasonable pricing for his services.

  • Sheila Abzug

    Sheila Abzug…we used the services of DryerVent and were more than pleased. They were knowledgeable, fast, thorough and polite. We will continue to use this company on a yearly basis. Thank you, Gentlemen!

  • Laura Deng

    Came in for service within 10 minutes after my call ! I’m very happy for the dryer vent cleaning service provided by Nate.

  • Issac Wieder

    Nate is extremely knowledgeable & professional, works very clean, showed up on time, no worries that he will try to sell you services that are not needed, we will be using him every year.
    thank you Nate.

  • L from Congers NY

    10/30/2015 — Very professional, great service, will use again.

  • Melissa

    I had an unusual problem of clogged screens on my attic
    gables. I had a few handy men take a look at it, none of them came up with solutions
    I was comfortable with. I called a roofing contractor and they wanted to charge
    me a lot of money to replace the gable which was un necessary. So I thought of
    Nate because he is good and cleaning vents, and gables are vents and he was
    happy to take a look at my problem. Nate got in the attic. Made his way to the
    gables. Used a little elbow grease and with a brush tool removed all the debris
    from the gable screens. He made it thru my attic which was obstructed without
    complaining or damaging anything at all. That is what I call a person who knows
    what he is doing, someone who gets the job done right the first time with no
    problems. He charged me what a normal service call would be. What a pleasure it
    is working with this skilled, smart, honest man.

    • Betty Wilchek, Chester, N.Y.

      I couldn’t have said it better. Nate is one of a kind. He takes his work very serious. Extremely thourgh. When He leaves, you know that your home is safe.

  • Red Honda XX

    Nate is the consummate professional, he took care of me and my home quickly, professionally and promptly! No need to shop around for this service one call to 845.368.1786 is all it takes if you want it done right! Job well done!

    My experience,
    I was noticing my clothes were taking longer to dry, and that lint was entering my townhouse and the smell of exhaust and a slight breeze from the dryer were entering thru my microwave exhaust vent above my stove. Call Nate after an online search. He answers the phone I fill him in on what is going on he says i know your neighborhood and have worked there many times, I might be able to stop by later today but if not definitely tomorrow morning…I’ll call you later to confirm. Three hours later, I can be there in 15 mins. to check it out…excellent, see you in a few.
    I mentioned that new roofs were installed three years ago and maybe a year after that I started noticing the dryer was taking longer to dry the clothes, let me go on the roof have a look and will take it from there, I say ok.
    Comes down and tells me that the vent caps on my new roof which were replaced at the time of installing the roof were not the proper caps and that absolutely nothing was flowing thru( totally blocked). I’m like great, sounds like it’s an expensive fix and going to cost me $$$. Uh, no he says, that’s on the HOA they screwed up along with the roofing contractor, I’ll handle it for you, he did, HOA paid Nate to fix which he did all good again dryer working much more efficiently, no more lint in microwave.
    Thank you!
    RED XX, Nanuet

  • Sol from Hillcrest–NY

    Several weeks ago I began having problems with my dryer. I called the number on my service contract and a repairman came to my house the following week. After taking apart the front and top of the dryer he turned it on and went outside to check the airflow coming from the vent. The airflow was very weak and he told me that the vent needed to be cleaned of all lint. He suggested that I call “DryerVentCleaning” as he had seen them work and was impressed by their thoroughness. I called them and a technician came over the following week to clean all the lint out of the ducts and inside the machine. He also removed some parts of the dryer to clean lint in areas that were not accessible with their tools. By the time he was done there wasn’t a piece of lint anywhere in the machine. Unfortunately, when the technician tested the dryer it was still not working. At that point he called Nate to discuss this with him. They spoke for awhile and then I was told that Nate was coming over to check out what the possible problem might be. I had asked them to clean the lint and they did that. They were now going above and beyond what was required of them. That doesn’t happen much these days. Nate and the technician (I’m sorry I forgot his name) were all over the dryer. It was obvious to me that they weren’t going anywhere until they had some clue as to why the dryer wasn’t working. They removed several parts of the dryer and did some testing. I sincerely appreciated the extra effort. When all was said and done , Nate told me he suspected that it was either bad coils or a bad sensor. I called the service people back again and the repairman just left my house. Nate was right on the money. It was the coils and they were replaced. I usually avoid writing these memos but in this case I was so impressed with the service I got form Nate and his co-worker that I felt that other people deserved to know about this company and how they’re willing to go the extra mile to service you. I would have no problem using this company again, and telling other people that they won’t go wrong by calling them. I was impressed and appreciative of the effort from both these guys in trying to help me resolve my problem. I found both of them to be 100% professional, and they really were nice guys. Thanks to both of you for your effort.

  • Lawrence J Christie

    If you need assistance with your appliances you would be wise to contact Nate. It’s not just about knowing how to solve problems with your appliance issues, it’s about being a pro, being honest, and the desire to do a superior job. After making the necessary repairs, you can reley on Nate to call you in a day or two to make sure all is well. Feel confident that you hired to right pro. Highly recommended.

  • John Carroll

    Nate Greenberg did a thorough and professional job ridding our dryer vent of a chipmunk that entered and died there. They replaced the outside vent with one , which should prevent this from repeating itself. I would absolutely recommend using their services. They were prompt, cleaned inside and their price was more than reasonable. John Carroll. Valley Cottage NY

  • Marc

    We were having issues with our dryer so I checked the reviews and decided to call Nate. He showed up the same day and could have taken our money quick without fixing the problem. Instead he told us he would be back in a few hours after he completed another job. A few hours later he came back and addressed the issue quickly and without breaking the bank.

  • Brit Byrnes

    My problem started with clothes taking much longer to dry, After having another dryer vent company come out to clean the vent, the dryer didn’t work any better. I called the dryer manufacturer who came out and said there was nothing wrong with the dryer. I then had the dryer vent company come back, was charged additional money and the dryer still didn’t work any better.
    I then was put in touch with Nate who found the issue (something the other guys should have seen) in minutes. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable.

  • Karen S. Fruman

    We have had issues with our dryer for years and even replaced a relatively new dryer before its time. Yes everything we needed to dry took over an hour on very high heat. We had some other issues with hoses twisting in strange directions. Enter Nate and son and voila! Very pleased with his work, his demeanor and professionalism. I will be using him again to make sure my vents are clear and functioning safely and efficiently!